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Take a few moments to discover how Sponsler Ink can build you up to face your Addiction FREE Lifestyle with daily encouragemet, thought provoking podcasts and video casts, academic articles, books, courses and coaching.


The Addiction FREE Lifestyle (AFL) program relies entirely on the strength of God to remain recovered from any addiction.


EnCOURAGEment Takes COURAGE (ETC) takes a deep diver into the Divine call to encourage others and so be encouraged yourself.


FREEdom Lifestyle Coaching (FLC) buils on the mindset of AFL with coaching services to propel progress towards your goals.


Your body needs bread daily, and so does your soul. Let the 365 Days Of... series feed your soul daily through God's Word and prayer.

What Makes Us Different?

God Focused

FREEdom from troubles in this life requires a different kind of strength that comes only from God.

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Chris has 13 years experience in addiction counseling, is a trained Christian Coach and is 20 years Recovered.

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