Addiction FREE Lifestyle:

Five Book Series


Christine C. Sponsler

Are you or your loved one ready to kick the disease of addiction in the rear?

Are you or your loved one ready to give life a chance?

Can you envision a better life for yourself or your loved one?

At Sponsler Ink Publishing, we want to help you gain a perspective of hope. We are here to show you how to find your God-given gifts and talents. We are here to guide you through the next stages of life to reach your goals.

Your success is our focus!

Your salvation is God's focus!

This book was written to encourage people who have struggled with abuse of any type to rely on the Lord always. There are some graphic issues pertaining to sexual, verbal, physical, and substance abuse in these pages. Please be advised that some of the content can be difficult for some to read. However, if you can read past all the abuse, you will find that our Lord is faithful even when we are not. Please be blessed!

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